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We provide the latest technology to produce actual test results that show you the remaining service life of your wire rope. Our equipment is accurate and supplies you with the necessary information to make your decisions regarding replacement of your wire rope cable. Click here to see a sample test result.

The LMA-Test inspection system produces readings of a rope's external or internal loss of metallic area (LMA), caused by external and internal broken wires. The Localized-Flaw (LF) is used to pinpoint the location of broken wires.

As the rope travels through the LMA head, a strip chart recorder records the test signals. After reviewing the test results, we can give you a very comprehensive analysis of the rope condition.

As an aid to visual inspections that are sometimes impossible, the LMA-Test system provides a more accurate inspection and can protect your rope investment by added service life.

We have the following head sizes to allow the testing of all rope sizes from 3/8" to
2-1/2" diameter:

  • LMA 250 Full Head
  • LMA 250 Half Head
  • LMA 125 Full Head
  • LMA 75 Full Head

We have been selected to provide electromagnetic inspection services for the Mandalay Bay Tram in Las Vegas, California.
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