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In 1949, Whitey Ryer spliced his first ski lift cable; it was 1-1/8" in diameter. The company at that time was called Whitey Ryer and Sons.

In the early years, we spliced ski lift, industrial and can conveyor cables. In 1965, at the age of 17, Richard Ryer spliced his first can conveyor cable. It was 3/8" in diameter. While still working with his father, he spliced his first ski lift cable, 1-1/8" in diameter, in 1975. When Whitey Ryer retired in the late 1970's, Richard Ryer incorporated, and the name of our company changed to Richard Ryer, Inc. in 1980.

To date, cables spliced by our company have ranged in size from 1/8" up to 54mm in diameter.

In the early 1990's, we purchased non-destructive electromagnetic test equipment from NDT Technologies, Inc. for the inspection of wire ropes.

Our wire rope computer program was developed four years ago to assist our customers with the organization of all records and printing of reports done on wire rope splicing and inspections.

Our office is located in Antioch, California and has been a family owned business for the past fifty-one years.


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